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Grant Guidelines

Grant guidelines are available year round on our website or by email.

Spring Intake - Applications may be submitted between the 1st and the 15th of April.

Spring Intake Deadline is April 15, at 5pm. If the 15th is on a holiday or weekend the applications are due by 5pm the following business day (Monday to Friday).

Fall Intake - Applications may be submitted between the 1st and the 15th of September.

Fall Intake Deadline is September 15, at 5pm. If the 15th is on a holiday or weekend the applications are due by 5pm the following business day (Monday to Friday).

  • Projects are to be completed within one year of application.

  • Applicants are encouraged to contact the PRCAC regarding their event or project proposal at any time of the year.

  • Please email to make an appointment.

  • Spring 2022 - Please download the application pdf, then copy and paste it into whichever document program you feel most comfortable working in to preserve the layout and formatting. Complete the application and deliver it to the PRCAC by email (preferred) or in person to the PRCAC office at The Art Centre at 215 - 6975 Alberni Street.  Application delivery via Canada Post or courier must be received before the deadline.

  • Applications for In kind use of civic property can be submitted year round, please email us in advance of submitting your application.


Arts, Cultural, or Heritage Grants

     The City of Powell River and the Powell River Council for Arts and Culture recognize the importance of arts, culture, and heritage to the quality of life in our community.  

A Contribution Agreement between the City of Powell River and PRCAC provides cash and in-kind funding to the PRCAC for distribution through a grant process to qualifying organizations for their events or projects that specifically promote arts, culture, or heritage in our community. Project or event proposals are to be held within the City of Powell River and are open to all residents.

     Through this grant program, the PRCAC provides cash and/or in-kind assistance for  applicant groups. The applicant groups with the majority of its members living within the City of Powell River can be BC registered societies or a group conducting themselves as a non-profit society that improve the artistic or cultural well-being of our community.

     In kind financial assistance is for the use of civic properties. Examples of civic properties  are municipal parks (Spirit Square at the Wharf, Willingdon Pavilion, or Willingdon Beach), Dwight Hall, or the Recreation Complex - Evergreen Theatre, Arena, Rink, and/or meeting rooms. Please contact the Facility Booking Clerk at the Recreation Complex 604-485-8909, to reserve your space at any of the civic properties.


Eligibility Criteria

  1. A registered B.C. Society or an organization or group acting as one, may apply for a grant of cash, in-kind assistance, or a combination of cash and in-kind assistance.

  2. A complete application includes a full project or event budget, including anticipated revenues and expenses, and a signed copy of the organization’s latest financial statement  of the organization signed by a director.

  3. Projects must demonstrate that at least 50% of their project budget derives from funds other than the Arts Council grant for cash grants.

  4. Applicant requesting in-kind assistance for the use of civic property must confirm costs and dates of the venue with the Facility Booking Clerk and include the quote in the application.

  5. Applicant is encouraged to follow the current CARFAC minimum rates when providing honorariums or stipends for artists or instructors.

  6. Allocation of grant monies by the PRCAC is subject to available funding.

  7. Not all organizations meeting the basic criteria will receive a grant.

  8. Approval of a grant by the Arts Council in one year does not ensure that grant applications in a subsequent year will be funded.

  9. Applicants incurring expenditures in advance of a grant decision, do so at their risk.

  10. Completed application must be e-mailed (preferred) or delivered to the PRCAC office at  The Art Centre at 215 - 6975 Alberni Street, no later than the published deadline.

  11. Applicant will be notified in writing or by e-mail of the decision regarding their application.

  12. An incomplete or late application will not be considered.

  13. The decision of the Arts Council on a grant application is final.


Exclusions - Grants will not be awarded for the following:

  1. Projects that occur before the published grant period.

  2. Applicant having received funding in the previous years from the Arts Council, but have not submitted their final report.

  3. Travel outside of the District of Powell River.

  4. Fundraising campaigns.

  5. Endowment funds.

  6. Debt retirement.

  7. Commercial ventures or for profit entities.

  8. The cost of developing a proposal, start-up, or feasibility studies.


Responsibilities of the Grant Recipient

  1. Acknowledgement with use of the Arts Council Logo in all media advertisements, articles, or announcements.

  2. To submit a report, including a narrative summary and financial statement of their event, to the Arts Council within 60 days of the event’s completion. A completed report is a requirement for consideration of future applications.

  3. Successful applicants agree to have their name or society name, project name, and the amount of assistance published by the Arts Council on media releases, the PRCAC web site, or in any other medium desired by the Arts Council.


Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA)

    Information supplied on grant applications or in support of applications is used by the PRCAC members of the Board to adjudicate grant requests. The information is available to the members of the Board and may also be shared with other government agencies with interests in the project.  The information will not be disclosed to any other third parties except as allowed by FOIPPA. A list of successful grant applicants, their project name, and award amounts will be provided on request, or published on the web site, or in any other medium desired by the Powell River Council for Arts and Culture Board.


Application packages must include:

  • An application form with all sections completed.

  • Grant project or event budget proposal - Revenue and Expenses

  • The latest financial statements for the applicant organization signed by a Director.

  • Applicants requesting in-kind assistance must confirm costs and dates with the venue managers and include those costs and dates in the application.

  • A copy of the most recent grant report submitted to the Arts Council is required from applicants that have received an Arts Council grant within the past 2 years.