Cultural Adaptations
Radical Reimagining
Symposium and Exhibition

Art and the Environment
September 14th - October 16th 2021

Cultural Adaptations will explore:

  • land relations

  • approaches that disrupt contested landscapes

  • ideas around healthy ecosystems and management

  • How would you actively engage, support and champion the cultural sector as a key player in land relations, the sustainability charter, climate action and truth and reconciliation?

  • What is our cultural ecosystem?



schedule of events:


  • Cultural Planning Roundtable,

             Sept 14@6pm @gallery/youtube



  • Watery Methodologies Talk with Emma Morgan-Thorpe,

             Sept 21@1pm @gallery/youtube


  • Collective Wading, with Dr Jeremy Buhay

             Sept 23, 10:30am, @Teeskwat river access


  • ArtRaven Family Program on art and the environment,

             7 sessions, various locations, tba

  • Eco Costumes - 1 to 3pm at The Art Centre on October 16th

  • Arts Roundtable - Galleries and Art Collectives

             October @ gallery/zoom

@ The Art Centre Public Gallery

     Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, noon to 5pm

                  September 14th to October 16th


  • Arts and Environment Media Reel

    • artist call on home page

  • Live|Stream Soundbath Installation 

  • qathet Flag Jam 

  • Postcard Vision project 

    • Pick up postcards at various locations and Peak newspaper

  • Tla’amin Place Name Project with PRHMA and Tla’amin Nation 

  • Artists of qathet Colouring Pages